Design + Fabrication Studio, Eco-Lab, Product Manufacturer

Los Angeles & Joshua Tree, 2003 – 2010, RIP

Focused on small-scale, light-footprint, often portable living; developing & testing outbuildings and systems to support a lifestyle of small structures on large properties. A modern form of homesteading.

Ecoshack launched from a 1955 Joshua Tree homestead cabin on a 5-acre tract (above) that I bought in 2002. Inspiration came from the ‘5 Acres of Desert Freedom’ ethic found in the desert southwest — small structures on large lots. Ecoshack design lab project, which was founded in 2003 and active in academic and other sustainability experiments, including the ‘Green Tent’ competition. Ecoshack presented during HDTS in 2004 and 2008. It was featured in the NYTimes and elsewhere. Ecoshack operated in Los Angeles as well, designing and manufacturing small structures and architectural products like yurts, tents, tipis and beekeeper’s huts.

Projects included:

The Nomad Yurt

V-Day Yurt

Lighten Up!

Border shacks

Egypt Tent City

Twin Tipis

GreenTent Competition (winner Thermalwing)

Unplugged Eco-Design Lab


Ecoshack naturally morphed into JT Homesteader